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Classroom News for May 5, 2013

Classroom Schedule:

A Days: Art and Spanish

B Days: Music

C Days: Spanish

D Days: P. E.

Important Dates:

May 13th: Fun Run

May 26th: Memorial Day-No School


The class has been very excited for their mystery book clubs and the discussions that they have been having. The groups are all on their second or third mystery books. This week, we will be exploring how to compare two mystery books, using a Venn diagram. This week, the class will also be taking the reading NWEA assessment in our computer lab.

Next week, our class will begin to look at the genre of traditional literature. We will start by looking at trickster tales, which is always an exciting area for third graders to explore.


Our class has been working hard to draft their realistic fiction stories. This week, the students will be starting to have the climax or the exciting moment of their story come out in their draft. As our class has been working, we have been paying special attention to having our characters come to life in the story. The students have planned the dialogue, thoughts, and actions that their character will use in each part of their story. As they continue to draft their pieces, they are paying special attention to how their character is growing and coming alive.

Word Study:

The students are doing a great job practicing their cursive with their word study homework. They are doing a good job using the pink cursive reference sheet to help them remember how to correctly make the cursive letters. As a class we decided that they should try to do at least one part of their word study homework in cursive, each week.


Our class has been doing a great job exploring fractions. We have discussed the importance of the numerator and denominator and that fractions have equal parts. This week, our class will continue to explore fractions on a number line and they will begin to look at story problems that involve fractions. We will also look at how to compare fractions. The students have a Compass Learning folder about fractions that they can be working on to help reinforce what we are doing in class.

The class will be taking the NWEA for math, the first week of June. They will also be taking the district fact quizzes at the end of this month. I am continuing to encourage the students to practice their facts by going on Xtra Math or practicing their flash cards. They can also go on Compass Learning, into any of the math folders to help them explore other areas of math.


The classes have done a great job exploring sound. Each student created their own investigation to determine how a high pitch and low pitch are different. Today we began to explore light. This week the students will learn how light travels in a straight line and that it can bounce off of mirrors to direct it. Next week, we will begin to explore matter and how each phase of matter can be measured.

Social Studies:

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