Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.

Turkey's Name
West Bloomfield
Favorite Movie
Charlotte's web
Favorite Sport
Favorite Book
Magic Tree House
Favorite Color
5 and a half inches (including feathers)
1 ounce
Eye Color
Feather Colors
White and green
Very bubbly
Best Character Trait
Snooping around
Most Embarrassing Moment
Caught snooping in the refrigerator
Best Memory
Visiting Hawaii
Awards Won
2 Oscars for the movie Les Miserables
Plans for the Future
To Have His Own Talk Show


Add your nightly journal entries below.
Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph!
Have fun!
Example Journal Entry:
Today was a blast! First, I (give a detail with adjectives and adverbs here). Next, I (give another detail and maybe use some dialogue with action here). After that, I (more details with good adjectives/adverbs-NOT overused boring words). Finally or Last, I (more details). I wish all days could be like today.
Journal Entry
November 19
Today was great!! First I had a breakfast of apples. Next I started to read my magic tree house book.
At 12:15 I sprang into action! I sprinted to the kitchen at top speed! I grabbed a mango and ran back to my
shoebox. The mango was my lunch for the day. At 4:00 Kasen came home and took a lesson in some weird
language. AT 6:00 I had a dinner of eggs and sausage. Finally I Climbed into my bed. Today was a great day.
November 20
Today was awesome!! First I had a breakfast of grapes. Then I secretly snuck some strings and cups from
Kasen's art desk.(You'll figure out why later!) I looped,twisted knotted and jumped. At 12:30 I leaped into place I had
made a pulley! I rode downstairs in 1 of the cups. When I reached the bottom I grabbed some bread. Bread for
lunch is the best!! The rest of the day want by perfectly normal. At 4:00 Kasen came home and went to a piano class
. I had a dinner of yummy salad! Finally I crawled into my cozy bed. Today was great!
November 21
Today was awesome!! The whole morning I practeced for my T.V show,Talk Time With Mint. I Practiced and practiced
and practiced and practiced and praciced and practiced and practiced and practiced and praciteced and practiced.
Then I made some fruit salad and sat down and watched some curling on T.V.. The rest of the afternoon I practiced until
7:30 pm. I had dinner of leftover salad from last night. At 8:00 I crawled into bed. Today had been a wonderful day.
November 22
Today was super fun!! I woke up first thing in the morning. I had breakfast and was about to do some snooping but Kasen
grabbed me. He put me in my home and took me to something he called school. I got to meet lots of other turkeys. The
day went by super fast! At 3:50 Kasen left me at school. I played with the other turkeys until 6:30. At that time we all had
dinner then played some more. At 8:00 a human named mrs. Francis said it was time to go to bed. I did everything in my
usual bedtime routine and climbed into bed. Finally the human turned of the light. Today was great!