My Turkey Journal

Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.

Turkey's Name
3 years old
Favorite Movie
Free Birds
Favorite Sport
Favorite Book
Pizza for Thanksgiving
Favorite Color
4 cm.
1 oz.
Eye Color
Feather Colors
Green, Blue, and Pink
Fun and Outgoing
Best Character Trait
Sense of Humor
Reading, playing Just Dance, and
hanging out with friends
Most Embarrassing Moment
Losing my tail feathers
Best Memory
Parties the day after Thanksgiving!
Awards Won
I won a trophy for winning 1st place in the Annual Gobble Race
Plans for the Future
To go to the best turkish college


Add your nightly journal entries below.
Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph!
Have fun!
Example Journal Entry:
Today was a blast! First, I (give a detail with adjectives and adverbs here). Next, I (give another detail and maybe use some dialogue with action here). After that, I (more details with good adjectives/adverbs-NOT overused boring words). Finally or Last, I (more details). I wish all days could be like today.
Journal Entry
November 19
Today was a turkarific day! My human friend didn't feel well so we hung out at her coop. We got to watch my favorite movie, Free Birds, on a big viewing box. I've never seen one of those things. My human friend called it a t.v. Later in the day, I got my exercise and played Just Dance. Hopefully, when my friend feels better she will play with me but today, she got to see my turkey legs in action. Afterwards, I was hungry for some grub. I was introduced to a bunch of new food. My favorite was this hot and yellow short strings in a bowl. What did my friend call it again? Mac and something I think. I took a nap while my friend did some work sitting at a desk. Geez...I don't know why the giants make my friend do that stuff? For the rest of the day, we just relaxed. Looking forward to tomorrow!
November 20
Today was great day! I got to spend the entire day in a giant soft cushion. My friend called it her bed. It was pretty quiet until my friend came back. She told me the best news. She was planning to bring me to a learning center tomorrow. She promised that I would see some other turkeys there. A little later, my friend had to go to something called soccer practice. I was pretty interested so I asked her if I could come. She didn't think it was a good idea. I did so I decided to hide in her bag she was taking with her. Boy, was that a rocky ride! Balls were going everywhere so I just stayed in her bag but peaked out sometimes. When we finally got back to her coop, I was dizzy. I slipped out and made it back to the room she left me in. She didn't suspect a thing! I was very tired so I decided to go to bed early. I am so excited for tomorrow!
November 21
Today was an exciting day! The learning center was huge. Like my friend had promised, there were lots of other turkeys there. There were also lots of giants of different sizes. The tallest giants were kinda off in their own spot in the front. They must be the leaders. My friend's leader was really nice. She made me feel right at home. I told her that I really wanted to go to a baseball game. Soon my friend and I headed back to her coop. On the way back, my friend told me that tomorrow I was going to the learning center again but this time I was going to spend the night there. I was pretty nervous because I have never been to another large coop before. She promised me that I would be okay. She said they were planning to watch Free Birds, eat tacos and even get a work out in. We decided to go to bed on the early side to rest up for tomorrow. Sweet dreams!
November 22
Today I was really nervous. In the morning, my friend, took me back to the learning center. We (turkeys and giants) gathered for some type of group meeting. We formed a big circle and the giants took turns introducing us turkeys. Afterwards, the giants had to get some work done so we were put in a playpen. The day went by really quickly and before I knew it, my friend had to go back to her coop. I was kinda sad but nurious about the sleepover. I stuck close to my new turkey friends, the 3 Cs (Cassie, Crystal and Chit-Chat). It was just like my friend promised but even better! I even got to help with Gaga's smallest child, Googly Bear too. We ate, danced, relaxed and partied all night! I barely got any sleep but it was worth it. It was a night I will always remember!