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Tuesday, November 10

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    November 19
    my TV. TonightToday was a
    November 20
    Today was a blast! First, I bounced on all the beds in Ava C.'s house. Next, I went to a huge room Ava and her sisters call the playroom. Then, I looked around Ava's bedroom, which was neat and tidy. Finally, I ran around the sofa in Ava's living room. Today was a good day, but I wonder why the living room is called the living room? Hmmm... I'll have to research it on my computer. I loved this day!!!
    bed. I love sleepovers!did not get any sleep, though, because ALL the other turkeys were talking! In the middle of the night, we all snuck out of the room like ninjas and played around the school! I even operated the janitors vacuum! I LOVE SLEEPOVERS SO MUCH THAT I WOULD DIE IF THEY DID NOT EXIST!
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